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Wild Things Publishing Ltd

We are a multi award-winning family-run publisher. We make beautiful books that get people outdoors, having amazing adventures and finding extraordinary things... back to where the Wild Things are. 
Our mission is to create inspiring products (books & apps) to enjoy nature, land, food and this wonderful world around us. Either we or our authors write, publicise and photograph their subject work.  We pay excellent royalties in return for passionate productive and perfect work. We don’t have fancy London offices and rely on a global wifi’d network of designers, editors, writers, photographers & techs who believe in our work as much as we do. Ultimately… We want to live our dream… Spend summers out in the field exploring & taking photographs and wet winters, in our office, dog in our laps, writing-up and producing beautiful books. So if you have a wonderful zeitgeist idea, and you think it warrants the paper it’s printed, on give us a shout, send us a mail at  hello@wildthingspublishing.com, or visit us for a cup of tea and some home-made toast.

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Specialist areas
Product Development