Alexis Dubus - 3 Star Show

20th April 24
Location: Old Theatre Royal
Cost: £12


Alexis Dubus - 3 Star Show

After 20 years on the circuit, Alexis Dubus, one of the comedians of his generation, is ready to deliver the greatest 3-star comedy experience ever staged.

Don't miss this explosively average show from a multi award-nominated performer truly at the middle of his game. It’s an experience you’ll be talking about for minutes to come. As seen as a waiter in Derek (Channel 4), an idiot in Nathan Barley (Channel 4) and 3 of 63 in Red Dwarf XI (Dave).

"An extraordinary accomplishment...Clever, engaging, personal and confidently gentle...It is its own kind of wonderful...Perfect" ★★★ The Scotsman "This is brilliant!" ★★★ The List "What a pleasure. What a lovely hour. Should be worth 4 or 5 stars but nobody wants to disappoint an artist" ★★★ North West End "Pitched perfectly...a 5/5 effort" ★★★ The Quintessential Review

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