Bath Boules

4th July 24
Location: Queen Square Bath
Cost: 260


Bath Boules

The Boules has contributed over £750,000 to local charities in its first 32 years. And now we’re asking all the wonderful Bath people and generous companies reading this (that’s you, btw) to dig deep and contribute what you can. (And even more, if you absolutely insist.) All proceeds raised from it are distributed via the Bath Boules Trust to local charities. It began with a mini contest of the traditional French game of boules between businesses in and around Queen Square. A lot of boules was played, and a lot of Ricard was consumed! It became an annual occasion and with more and more teams getting involved, it was decided to make the gathering raise money for local charities. Fast-forward to today and the event has grown from a one-day, into a two-day, thern a three-day, and finally a FOUR day tournament with 64 teams competing on each day, a closed-road street food market surrounding the Square and loads to do for friends, families and passers-by. We hope lots of you can join us to support this legendary cause for the city, even in its virtual form. To keep bang up to date with all the latest goings on from the Bath Boules, sign up ici for our newsletter or follow us dans le Twit. Bath Boules is organised et promoted by MediaClash.

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