Bob Bowles Trio - Live at The Ram

31st May 24
Location: The Ram
Cost: FREE


Bob Bowles Trio - Live at The Ram
Stonkingly fine blues singing and guitar work from a true master. Bob Bowles has been performing at Blues clubs and conventions to critical acclaim for over 30 years and that sense of assertiveness and confidence really shows! Jamie Cullum says "Bob must be the best blues guitarist in the country". With a voice that blends elements of Rory Galagher and Eric Clapton and a superbly edgy guitar style that is drenched with bluesy inflections, he'll have you gripped from the very first bar. With Bob tonight are Mike Hoddinott on drums and John Paul Gard on Hammond organ. Known for his work behind the kit in more bands than you can shake a stick at, Mike is a name that needs no introduction in the Blues world. JP started playing organ at a young age, and is one of the few exponents to have mastered the foot pedals rather than just playing bass lines with the left hand - his amazing coordination is quite something to see and hear.

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