Ghost Huns - Live

18th July 24
Location: Nowhere
Cost: £10 / £8 concs


Ghost Huns - Live
Comedians, horror stans and basic huns, Hannah Byczkowski (Winner of 'The Traitors' and the National Television Awards 2023) and Suzie Preece (Finalist, New Comedian Of The Year 2022) bring you the world’s creepiest ghost stories. You can expect ghosts and ghouls, the strange and the unsavoury, as Hannah and Suzie not only scare themselves (and you) silly but also attempt to contact the dead with a Ouija board. Or a pendulum. We’ll see how the night goes... You'll laugh, you'll scream, you may even cry with fear. They get haunted, so you don't have to. "Ghost Huns bring a much-needed shot of fun and humour to the paranormal" - Danny Robins

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