How To Live and Work with Purpose

27th June 24
Location: Glove Factory Studios
Cost: £195


How To Live and Work with Purpose
This interactive, meaningful session is being jointly hosted by professional and personal development coach Michelle Rogers from Thinkingspace Coaching, and chartered PR practitioner and award-winning broadcaster Ben Veal from Second Mountain Comms. - Discover practical tips and strategies to align your personal values with your career goals. - Explore what brings you joy in your life, and set realistic goals to work towards a bright future. - Begin to plan the steps you need to take to bring more purpose into your daily work, make a positive impact in the world, and strike a better balance in your daily life. - Assess how far you've come in 2024 so far - and use this focused time of dedicated reflection with like-minded people to finish out this year with renewed vision and drive. Your ticket price includes delicious hot drinks and a selection of mouth-watering pastries from the lovely team at Wild Herb at the Field Kitchen. It's never too late to find your purpose! Whether you're just branching out on an exciting new career path, getting set to go solo or launch a new business, wishing to inject more passion into your work and home life, or you're nearing retirement, this is your opportunity to connect with good people locally and learn how to live and work with purpose!

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