Window Wanderland transforms everyday streets into pop-up, magical, outdoor gallery, where anything goes and you never know what’s around the next corner. Residents of a neighbourhood create displays in their windows or gardens, to be seen by neighbours as they walk past during the evening over a weekend and each event is totally unique.

“Which event sums up community and creativity better than Window Wanderland?”  – As featured in a short film on The One Show and in The Sunday Times

Started in 2015 in Bristol we have had over 20 events nationwide and seen over 2000 displays ranging from tower blocks, whole streets and even camper vans joining in. We have built a bespoke website that takes care of the admin, shares your windows to the world and inspires others to get creative.

Why not start your own Window Wanderland and add sparkle to your neighbourhood? Anyone can apply to be an organiser, from individuals, PTA’s, Arts organisations to Local Authorities. It’s fun, easier than you think to do, great for your CV and can ‘pop-up’ anywhere in the world.

We have built a brilliant brand with National recognition across TV, radio and new media with an audience reach of over 20 million in 2017. The event is hyperlocal and fulfills many funding criteria as it was designed to connect people and reduce isolation. With over 1250 surveys returned, and feedback from every organiser after the event we know how much people love it: 98% say it helped build a sense of community: 97% say they would take part again: 84% feel proud of their neighbourhood: 64% say it has inspired them to be more creative

We know how much work events are but with 80% of events returning each year we have a winning formula making it EASY to create. We providing mapping, management, admin and an individual url straight to your own event page. Giving you everything you need in our toolkit from press releases, examples of successful funding bids, flyer templates and a worldwide audience just waiting to see your displays. We are completely un funded, not-for-profit volunteers, so we have to charge a small fee on a sliding scale from £90, depending on your structure but we do not turn anyone away.

Come to and see if you fancy joining in with your community, and it's a great thing for a CV

“Window Wanderland gives a glimpse into the lives of those that make it, but it’s also a reflection of what we can achieve when we come together” – See the short film on BBC’s The One Show

“I am 76 and my husband died last Sept. Making all the paper flowers for my window display kept me focused and gave me a definite goal, which helped. I'm now thinking what to do next year! Although the weather was appalling, I wrapped up and went out in the rain and enjoyed many of the displays”

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