Surf The Wave Call for Participation for Presenters & Promoters

Pavilion Dance South West and partners are bringing together forward-thinking programmers, producers, promoters and managers who are interested in presenting dance performances in theatres, festivals, museums, galleries, and many other unusual places and spaces. 


We are inviting expressions of interest to participate in the Surf The Wave Artist as Entrepreneur programme. We would like to hear from presenters who can commit to both dates in their region and work in any of these contexts:

  • New to dance programming and want to know more

  • Programme 1 or 2 dance pieces a year, but would like to do more

  • Programme in any context including small and mid- scale venues, rural touring, museums, galleries, festivals & outdoors

  • Regularly programme dance but want to develop stronger artist and audience relationships

If you'd like to get involved, please email an expression of interest with brief information about your venue and current dance programme to<wbr/> 

For more information, please visit our website

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